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About us....

We are a family of 5, living in central France. We have 2 boys, Charlie ,  Henry , and a  girl, Florence. We moved here in 2006, for all of the 'usual' reasons & haven't looked back. We had an established building company in the UK and Mark has been trading out here since October 2007.
We, can very proudly say, that in this time a lot of our work is repeat business, and allot of our clients have become very good friends.

On a personal note, if you have a holiday home here & are thinking of moving here permanently, just please be aware that is isn't all sitting in the sun, drinking wine with a delicious hunk of bread & cheese!!
Sadly, we have seen many friends move back to the UK because their expectations were greater than the reality. When on holiday, the relaxed lifestyle of the French, the closing of shops on a Sunday & during lunch is all a novelty, but can be very frustrating in the 'real world'. Life in the UK is a real fast pace compared to here & you have to be
 prepared to wait for things & get very used to the 'Gaelic shrug', customer service is not one of France's strong points !!!

However, the good news is the relaxed lifestyle, once you are tuned into it, can be very pleasant, you just need to be a bit more organised. The people, in general are very welcoming, the weather here, is also generally better in the warmer months but colder in the winter months, but hey, that is what log burners are for!! Our children have a splash pool, and plenty of room to ride their bikes in the garden, something we didn't have in the UK, and for their ages, they are fluent in French, even forgetting the English word sometimes!!! If you live in a slightly more rural area you wake up to the sound of birds & the neighbours cockerel is used as an alarm clock, and, if you go out on a Sunday you may not see another car, these are the things we love but, understand it isn't for everyone.

Bon courage & à bientôt!!!

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